Unmarried fathers - only the government say they don’t exist


You could be forgiven at times for wondering if unmarried fathers exist because there was no requirement that their name appear automatically on birth certificates.

child abduction

Child Abduction

Child abduction is a serious problem in Ireland. As in most western countries, marriages or relationships between EU citizens and non-EU citizens are less and less unusual. Problems can arise when a child is taken from the country without the other parent’s consent. A similar problem arises where a child is brought to another country […]

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Muslim Marriage Recognition in Ireland

The media is currently filled with discussion of marriage rights and recognition, not least because of the historic US Supreme Court ruling yesterday on the Defence of Marriage Act in California. Marriage is something that is deeply ingrained in religion and culture and marriage practices vary around the world. In Ireland, the struggle for marital […]

socialmedia defamation

Defamation – Facebook and Twitter are getting away with it!

Judges would be far better directing their comments to politicians and lawmakers to try and undo the damage they have done in making it exceptionally difficult to sue Facebook or Twitter or any other social media platform. They should be the targets just as much as the various individuals named as defendants.


Recognition of Divorces in Ireland

Many of our clients seek advice regarding the legality of divorces acquired outside of Ireland.  The legality of foreign divorces can often be quite a complicated point of law. In some cases, a declaration to confirm the validity of the divorce is required. This must be sought through the family law Circuit Court in Ireland. […]

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Insurance Fraud

Normally when you see headings like “insurance fraud”, you think of unscrupulous plaintiffs claiming they have been in a road traffic accident when they have not. Or you think of people who have been involved in an accident and then grossly exaggerating their claims. You don’t often think of insurance fraud referring to the insurance […]


How to Re-Open Divorce Proceedings

Over the years I have been involved in many cases where my client, usually the wife, believes that her husband has far greater assets than he says he has. However, it can often be impossible to prove that the husband has these assets offshore or if he has transferred them into the name of a […]

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Redundancy – Why You Lose Even if You Win

My client worked for a multinational company. My interpretation of events is that the multinational decided to employ an independent contractor to do my client’s job because in doing so they would save a substantial sum each year. They therefore made my client redundant. My client sued because he wanted his job back and he […]


Parental Alienation

In parental alienation cases we are coming up against two arguments. One side says that the children are being deliberately alienated by the other spouse and the other spouse is saying that the children became particularly attached to them following the separation and they are not deliberately trying to alienate the children from the other […]


Unmarried Couples – Property Rights

What happens when an unmarried couple, who have been living together; perhaps for many years, separate? What property rights does each individual have? Let’s take an example of a couple who have just split up and who have three children under the age of ten years old and the house in which they were living […]