Tired of hearing debtor’s excuses? Unpaid debts are a common problem for all businesses and can seriously affect your cash flow when customers and clients refuse to pay. You have a legal right to be paid on time. As time is of the essence in recovering your debts we have a swift and efficient debt […]


Shareholder Agreements

In any case where one or more people decide to form a limited liability company, we will always advise that a shareholder’s agreement should be completed. This document sets out the relationship between shareholders, even where they are related or where they are close friends. We would strongly advise that a shareholder’s agreement is essential […]


Setting up a Business in Ireland

Sole Trader Partnership Agreements Limited Liability Company Funding Your Business Tax Advice Employer’s Obligations Leases Closing or Selling a Business Employees I have helped many individuals and small businesses and can advise on all relevant areas concerning the setting up of a business in Ireland. When you set up business in Ireland, you can do […]


Partnership Agreements

Many people go into business with a friend or a family member and because they know each other for so long, they do not anticipate that problems could arise. The High Court is full of cases where it was thought problems would never arise. Partnership agreements should be completed at the outset of any business […]


Franchise Agreements

Many people are attracted to the idea of a franchise. The major benefit of franchising is that it enables a person to buy into an operation whose business methods have been tried and tested. This substantially reduces the chance of failure but it is more critical than ever to have expert legal advice so that you […]

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Business Law

Brophy Legal Services In difficult times many people are setting up their own business because they want to have control over their own future and because they have probably just lost a job they had worked in for many years and they need to earn an income. On the other hand, in good times people […]