Supreme Court

The vast majority of cases dealt with by the Supreme Court constitute appeals from the High Court. There is no appeal from the Supreme Court and it is the final appellate court in Ireland. In certain circumstances, cases can be appealed to the various European courts but the order of the Supreme Court remains in […]


High Court

The High Court has jurisdiction to hear every claim and in theory could hear a claim for a debt of a few thousand Euro. However while the High Court has original jurisdiction to deal with any and every case, if a person were to bring a claim in the High Court that could properly have […]


Circuit Court

A significant change to the functioning of the Civil Courts of Ireland was introduced by the Courts and Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 and came into operation on 3 February 2014. The enactment of this legislation gave rise to an overhaul of the monetary jurisdictions of the District, Circuit and High Courts of Ireland. […]


District Court

    If your claim is for a sum not exceeding €15,000 then you must issue your proceedings in the District Court. If your claim is for under €2,000 then you can bring your claim to the Small Claims Registrar but this section is concentrating on claims brought before the District Court.   The following type […]