Solicitor’s Negligence

The unfortunate position in Ireland is that it can often be difficult to obtain assistance from a solicitor if you want to sue another solicitor. Unless there is a very clear conflict of interest, I will assist in any way we can in establishing whether or not your solicitor has acted in a negligent manner […]

Professional Negligence

I am  happy to assist clients in relation to claims against professionals such as accountants, architects, solicitors, surveyors and valuers etc. I can help  clients in relation to the following: Accountant’s negligence: If for instance you purchase a commercial property but due to your accountant’s negligent advice, you were not able to off set interest […]


Medical Negligence Claims

Claims arising from *medical negligence are one of the very few areas of *personal injuries which are not dealt with by the Injuries Board (PIAB). To succeed with a medical negligence claim you must show that the doctor in question acted failed to act in accordance with normal practice accepted in Ireland and in the […]