Getting involved in law is never easy. It’s up there with moving house and getting sacked in terms of stress. Would you like to know how you can reduce the stress involved, how you can maneuver your way through the system without feeling that it might some day crush you?

My name is Kevin Brophy and for 35 years I ran a successful legal practice in the centre of Dublin. I have now pulled back and I am not practising as a day to day solicitor but I have a wealth of knowledge and experience and I want to make that knowledge and experience available to you. I know all about the legal system in Ireland and I know how it works and why in many cases it doesn’t work. I can help you. Much of my legal expertise and assistance will be free of charge so you have nothing to lose. If it is not free, it will be a lot less than a solicitor with an office and overheads is likely to charge. Click here to see what I can do for you.