What clients say

"Kevin Brophy was my solicitor for nearly 20 years, up to his retirement in 2018. Initially I instructed him in regard to family law proceedings in both Ireland and England/Wales concerning the welfare of my then infant daughter. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Through Kevin’s careful stewardship I was able to obtain a manageable result and safeguard my daughter’s longterm welfare – specifically,  to have my daughter’s place of habitual residence transferred from London to Dublin and to secure a joint custody arrangement which involved her spending 50% of her childhood years in my care. Today a married adult, she lives happily in the West of Ireland and os working in a career which she has been aiming for since she was a child. Almost all of this was down to Kevin’s shrewdness and commitment – as well, of course, as his knowledge of the law.  Above all, what I valued in Kevin was that he dealt with our case on the basis of a undisguised passion for what was right and good, in many instances caring for us with a quality of application indistinguishable from affection. Very often, family law amounts to being able to “read’ a situation, a piece of correspondence or a judge and make tactical decisions to protect a client’s interest. Kevin was a master of this. Later on, as our personal situation calmed down, Kevin represented me in a number of libel actions against newspapers which, notwithstanding the mandatory conditions of privacy imposed by the in camera rule, insisted upon intruding on our private affairs, publishing one-sided and potentially damaging attacks on me with regard to my efforts to protect my daughter. In all such cases, again thanks to Kevin’s acuity, experience and wisdom, we were successful, obtaining forced apologies and damages in all cases.  Above all, he became for us a great friend, who always held our best interests above other considerations, never shying away from explaining the risks involved in a particular situation or action, but always, by his calm presence, conveying a sense that these risks could be managed and overcome, as invariably they wereJohn Waters, writer and commentator."

John Waters: Writer and Commentator

"I am a former client of Kevin’s when we was the Principal of Brophy Solicitors.  I got to know Kevin very well and I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone seeking legal support to contact Kevin for advice. His long time experience in the legal field would be worth tapping into."

Ray McGrath

"Kevin has acted for us to get the Irish state to recognize our marriage, contracted in Canada in 2003. His expertise and track record in progressing equality and justice through the legal system has worked to our advantage at all times. He, and his able team, have provided practical support as well as first class legal advice to progress this very substantive social change. We have the highest regard for his work and deeply appreciate his sensitivity and generosity. We have no hesitation in recommending him to others."

Senator Katherine Zappone and Dr. Ann Louise Gilligan

"At the time of seeking Kevin’s help, not to put to fine a point on it, my family life was in turmoil and I was in desperate need of not just legal advice but a little help on a personal level – Kevin provided both in spades!  Kevin’s wealth of knowledge is immense. He knows family law inside out and without his sterling hard work I don’t know where I would be today."  

Grant George

"I found Kevin to be excellent in his field and his advice to be second to none. Kevin kept me well informed throughout my case and I would highly recommend him."

Eugene Heary